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HATE 168

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When did you start writing ?
Around 1971.

who influenced you?
The 2 line writers TC3, NINE,LIE, BILLY167.

Who were the original members of the boys?
The Boys started in the Bronx with NINE, MS 161 and all of them. From there I took it back to Brooklyn. When I moved to Brooklyn I met these guys who were writing, so I started them all writing TB. From there it took off.

How did you get together with HURST?
We went to the same high school. We were sitting in front of the same high school smoking. That's all we use to do was smoke. Actually we never even went to school. We just use to hang out in front of the school and from there we became good friends and that was it. I took him to all my stores.

How did you meet SARO?
They were the younger kids of the neighborhood. They watched us growing up, and they turned out to be a hell of a lot better than us so from there when I stoped around late 1977 I gave SARO The Boys and it just continued from there.

What was your favorite location to hit trains ?
Any where really. I liked the outside elevateds. The LL yard in Rockaway Parkway we use to kill. That yard was ours. In earlier days we use to kill the 241st. yard up in the Bronx. NINE's brother in-law, he use to work inside the barn he use to let us go in there and piece while they were fixing them, so even if it rained we could still go piecing.

What about the J yard did you ever hit that?
I never went in there all that time. I just looked at it. It just looked weird, so I never attempted to go in there. I made it to the Burger King once that's it. I went once with OU3 and OE3 to hit the Atlantic Avenue lay up.

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