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Started:1969 Primary affiliations: The Rebels, Ex Vandals Local origin: Brooklyn

FLINT... became well known in the early to mid 1970s writing with crews like The Rebels and the Ex Vandals. In an era that saw unprecedented levels of tagging, FLINT... found a unique way to make his name stand out. After each tag he would place a catch phrase or an ellipsis indicating a thought to be continued. FLINT... had a long list of captivating phrases, but became most well known for the phrases "Flint... For Ladies Only" and "FLINT... For Those Who Dare." The phrase "For Those Who Dare" projected a certain level of mystique unique to the young artists that dared to venture into New York's subway tunnels and yards. FLINT... was so consistent with the application of the ellipsis to his tag, that many writers referred to him as FLINT dot dot dot.

In addition to FLINT's tagging exploits, he is also an accomplished photographer. During his days in the subway FLINT.. often brought his 35mm camera with him; documenting unique moments in the city's subway system. FLINT also known as Flint Gennari currently works as a professional photographer. His photographic work spans from classic fine art black and white prints to vivid paintings with light.

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FLINT Interview conducted by @149st April 2002

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