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What year did you start writing?
I started writing in 1971.

What inspired you to start writing?
I started writing because I was bored in the street hanging out all the gangs and everyone wanted to shoot everybody and kill everybody. I wanted to get away from Brooklyn and travel all over the city and be known all over the city. That was really the bottom line. I wanted to be known all over the city!

I wanted a little bit of action and excitement and I was a dare devil. We use to go up to Broadway and Myrtle Avenues and climb up the beams up to the train station to sneak in the train station. And we would go to the hardest places and write our names. I use to write this name HOT STUFF HOT STUFF was alright but I wanted something a little more exciting so I started writing FLINT 707.

What line did you first hit?
The M train. I use to hit the M and J. I use to get on the train and write my name write on the train stations and on the poles. I would go down the street and write on all the fire boxes and on all the buses.

Who were your main writing partners?
My main writing partner was BROTHER LOVE 333. I wrote with DIZZY, SPIN, SUPER STRUT and MICO. I also wrote with STAY HIGH 149, RIFF 170 JESTER, PIPER, CLIFF 159, AFX 2 all the big name writers.

When was the last time you hit trains?
The last year I did trains was 1973. None of the writers writing now were writing then except for TRACY 168 and PHASE 2. Remember; when I was in U.G.A. I wrote with all the guys from U.G.A. STICTH 1, SNAKE, BAMA.
I use to write with APACHE and CHINO 125 right out of Bushwick. It was like the hub of those writers we use to take the train to Halsey and Bay Parkway. We use to go right up to the train and start tagging up on the trains in the express track.

What was the most memorable whole car you did?
The most memorable whole car I did was The FLINT 707 Experience. It was a whole car a top to bottom. It was turquoise blue in the middle was pink with a red line from one end of the car to the other then it had a black 3-D, a slanting infinite 3-D going down to the bottom of the train and was engulfed in a fire and I drew a character with a hat blowing fire the experience was all under the windows so when they did scrape the windows you could still read it.

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