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Where and what year did you start (on trains)?
I started in 1974, '75 around there. I was runnin' with a bunch of different crews.

What other names have you have written?
I used to write SCORPIO. Then after SCORPIO I started writing MAIL 214. I ran that name for about two years. Then after that everybody was changing names, so I said I got to find myself a new name. So I said let's check out FLIN and it ran right! I said letŐs run with this one. I just stayed with FLIN

Did you have a particular inspiration or mentor(s)?
Well yeah. Back in the days I started writing with SID, DIKE, CRAZY IK all them young bucks that had the ropes already. I started going up in lay-ups, taking paint up there. I was young, but hey, I hung in there. We did what we had to do. Next thing you know we had whole cars running, top-to-bottoms. It was fun man. It was fun. My cousin (DURO) had his own set of friends and we all got together and started rockin' it. That's when we ran into HURST, TO TOP, That's when HURST put us down with TOP. ThatŐs when we started growin'.

What borough are you originally from?
I came from Brooklyn, man! The East New York section. That's where we all grew up at, where we all met, started writing in the J lay-up.

What lines have you hit?
We mainly hit the Js. Then we started rockin' the A lines. Then we jumped to the CC which were running together. Then from there we jumped to the number lines. We were all over, you know.

Where were your favorite locations to paint?
My favorite location was the J yard and this lay-up on Sennedica Avenue. It was scary man, because they had like this dungeon under there, you know what I'm sayin' and if you fell it was all over. You know what I mean. You could kiss it goodbye, but it was fun. The J yard was the first place I went to.

Who were your best partners?
Besides my own cousin DURO, we had mad fun, DONDI was in the picture and I started rockin' with SID. SID was like really my inspiration. He really showed me the ropes. I tagged along with him.

What crews have you written for?
Besides TOP and CIA, I wrote for RTW, DURO put me down. TKA, KID 56's crew. Many other crews I canŐt remember, but mainly CIA and TOP.

How you join CIA and TOP crew form?
SID THE KID and myself invented really, a lot of people don't know this and actually we tagged it up a couple of times and DONDI and DURO picked it up and they blew it up. That's how that really happened. That's how the picture really blew up.

Really? So according to you DONDI didn't really start it?
DONDI blew it up, but the main idea was me and SID.

Do you have any good raid stories?
I got one good one man. It was me DURO, I think DONDI was with and it was pouring rain. It was really pouring. I remember going under the trains and getting shocked. I got away from that one and went under the next one and get shocked again. It was crazy man, but we got away. Besides getting shocked, I was shocked myself!

What year did you quit writing?
We ran up all the way to like '91 to '92 like around that area.

Any closing words?
I've got a shout out. Well one person that used to run with us, who was also my brother-in-law. He used to write G-WIZ. He got deported to his country (Ecuador). He gotta give seven years up there. That's one of the guys that I really miss. I can't wait to see that n*gger. We grew up together. We really did some crazy stuff. We really killed. We really bombed. Me and him took over for a little while in the the J yard. We were bombing really bad. I give my shout out to G-WIZ

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