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What year did you start writing on the trains?
I was a late bloomer bomber I started hitting the subway in 1979.

What inspired you to become involved in writing?
Growing up in Sunset Park Brooklyn there was a lot of gang activity and part of that was graffiti. When I saw some of their stuff on the handball courts I must say that is when I felt the calling in the late '70s.

Did you have a mentor?
I believe everyone has a mentor whether you meet him or not. You look at stuff on the trains or on the streets and you get inspired by someone sometime in you career. I had some fellas from school, PORT, REO, CEO 3.

Who influenced your style?
I had a couple of old timers that I use to hang with that use to criticize my stuff for me. BEN aka BARON and DICE 7, but the one whose style influenced me the most was SES. One time we were in a lay up and he told me to just let it flow and see what happens. But compared to him I'm still a toy.

How did you get your name?
In the sixth grade me and NIKE 3 were making up names I came up with YOUNG ERB. A few days later I told my boy Jerome from the Maceteros my new tag and he suggested I drop the Young and stay with ERB. So I did.

List all the other names under which you have painted.

What Borough are you originally from?
BROOKLYN of course!

What lines have you hit?
Mostly BMT lines. RRs, Ns, Bs, LLs, Ms, Ds and Fs.

Who were you most successful partners?
I wrote a lot with BLADE ONE I.N.C. and MR.R from M.O.D Crew, but because I loved going by myself my best partner was 25 Auto.

What crews have you written for?

Do you have any memorable conflicts with other crews on the subway?
Me and MR. R used to hang out in Mangolis stationary on 40th Street and 5th Avenue in Brooklyn. We knew everybody that worked there. So we used to vamp those that would come to buy their stuff. Many of them would not tell us what they wrote but then they started crossing us out. I can't blame them. But every true writer knows that the biggest beef was with the W.O.W crew. It started with my brother CEO 3 in Dewey Yards. We had some real close ones.

One time we just missed SAGO going into a train. He used to mess with this girl name Martha in John Dewey but she lived down our way. JR 2 recognized him but it was too late. He just smiled and waved good- bye. There was also a guy that we caught on 13th Avenue while we were racking. He got vamped. Another time me and MR. R spotted a couple guys from the Words Of Wisdom crew at Roseland (dance club), I went to my car to get my 32 auto. MR.R was supposed to keep them there till I got back, but I think MR. R dropped a dime on me and told them to book. When I came back he was gone. I was pretty upset with "R" but he told me that they went to Latin Quarters so I dropped it. Also I had a one on one with TRECH in Sunset Park. He gave me a nice eye jammie. I got in a lucky shot and dropped him. When he got up we both looked at each other as if we did not want to continue. But I believe we gained respect, that's what it's all about. Win some, lose some, respect all.

Do you have interesting raid stories?
One time, Me, BLADE and MOON, got raided at the haunted lay-up on 86th Street in Brooklyn. We got away but I lost my original Key, so at 95th Street. I decided to vamp a conductor. He held his keys and called the T.A We jumped on the RR and the T.A. saw me and the conductor pointed me out. They let BLADE and MOON go, but they chased me in and out of the cars. Finally I laid on top of the train to hide for a while but then the train took off. So I road laying on top on the RR, I road it back to 86th Street The T.A got off I thought this so bad up here. So I road it to 77th Street. Then I jumped down in between the cars. BLADE and MOON heard me and turned around and said "You crazy #%!#* #%!*#$! Why did you do that? You could of gotten killed!" I replied "I got away, but no key." Also I found out one time from RAC TBK that I was hot. He told me he got busted and they had my tag on the list. He said that they put a star every time they see your tag. He told me "Yours has a lot of stars by your name" We laughed and he said, "Watch your back." I have never been busted for writing, only chased!

Who where the best writers of your era?
I always liked the stuff from the fellas from Fresh Pond Road. PG, PEAK, BABY 168, I liked them also because at one time they had war with WOW, but then they made peace. They still were bad on the outsides.

When did you quit writing on trains?
I believe it was in 1986.

Any closing words?
I would like to publicly apologize to all that we had beef with, especially to BOE and SAGO from the WOW crew. I acknowledge all my faults and want to ask for forgiveness. Today I am a new man because of Jesus Christ my lord and savior. If you don't forgive me I don't blame you. The life of drugs and crime took out a lot of our brothers. I wish I would of stayed in the Graff game longer Crime almost killed me.

My brother CEO 3 in still doing time since '86. I prayed to god to change my life and he did. Today I am a very blessed man along with my lovely wife going on nine years of marriage with two beautiful children. I got a great Job making some good money. Bought me a nice house and living extra large. I pray that all my writing brothers would prosper from the art. (I can't believe HAZE got his own clothes line). Don't ever forget where you came from. And remember if you're ever in a jam cry out to Jesus. Only he can deliver us. And for all those that remember me ERB you haven't seen me for a long time because I am living in Ohio. I am doing great. Like you heard before I'm a new man in a new land. I been gone from New York since 1988. I got sent to a drug program by my P.O. It was the best thing that happened to me. I was truly buggin'. I have been walking faithfully with the Lord ever since. God is good and god is real. Some of you have heard before that ERB has changed well it's true my brother I am a new creation. I told my brother EM (RIP) that I was a new man He said, "Does this mean we should called you Reverend ERB " I guess it does sound pretty good. God Bless you all from a true survivor and a new creation. ERB


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