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When did you start writing and who got you into it?
I started writing in 1979. I started writing in the buildings and I was influenced by local graffiti writers such as SOE TNS and LOR TWB and other local writers such as CHINO 3 and I started seeing their tags and I started writing in the streets at that point.

What name did you first start writing ?
The first tag I wrote was a OO7 tag and then I started writing RO 2 when I met the TNS crew by way of SE who was one of the members.

What was the first subway line you hit and who brought you there?
Actually I found it on my own as a child as a youngster I rode to the end of the A line and found the Ghost Yard. I kind of introduced the yard to myself at that point, but the oneีs who really brought out to yards was the TNS crew and EL3.

What was the first year you hit trains?
I would say 1980, the Ghost Yard with the TNS crew and then the F line in Union Turnpike. Then shortly after that came hitting the Bowery Lay-up.

How did you meet EL3?
I met EL thru SE aka FEAR. I met him I was tagging in the street and he brought me up to 199 Henry Street and that's when I met EL3. He was taking a tag on a mail box at the time. I was intimidated by the stories I heard about him but he took me under his wing immediately.

What was it like to hang out in 199 Henry back in the days?
Now that I'm 34 years old and I'm looking back at that I could say it was a group of guys that formed like a brotherhood, like a family in its own hanging out in this building and getting high. Now reflecting on it it was a very instrumental point in my life, but definitely it was an experience never to forget I hope that it will continue to make history and to let other people know about this crew TNS of 199 Henry street.

Name the lines you hit and the people you went writing with back in the days?
I hit the F line the J line the D line the A and the AA. Some of the places I hit were Union Turnpike 75th Avenue 175th the Ghost Yard, the Bowery, the Bridge. I hit the A yard out in Grant. I also hit the J and M Yard out in Brooklyn. That's all the ones I could remember at this point right now and City Hall was definitely a top lay-up hit back then.

Who were some of the writers you wrote with?
My boy OH3 and RB and the TNS crew EL3, SNIPER SE, RICH 2, LUS, LEC, BK and also other members of other crews. Local writers that also hit the trains were TTA The Together Artists were P-BODY and STOP and JD.

What was it like to go hitting with EL and RICH?
Well I'm going to start off by saying that I felt very safe. There was nobody steppin' to us at that point and then again they knew the system very well and I always got over. I remember going with them to a specific bomb to hit the A Yard in grant EL was doing outsides and me and RICH were doing the outsides it was definitely a good experience to write with those two legends.

Any final words?
I would like to give a shout out to my boy OH3 and to SPAR and peace and love to the whole TNS crew and to TWB crew (The Wild Boys) of the Lower East Side.

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