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Cost and Revs both hit subways during the 1980s but it was their street partnership that gained a great deal of attention from the media and the general public. This attention was due to their unconventional approach bombing. During the late 1980s and early 1990s they proliferated New York City streets with a series of cryptic messages in black type on sheets of white paper. Phrases on these posters ranged "Cost Fucked Madona" to "Real artists don't know they're artists" to "Who's O.C? Ask COST and REVS".
The duo also installed unique works on the walls of parking lots in the SOHO and Chelsea sections of Manhattan. COST and REVS' work could also be seen on many city roof tops. They rendered their names in large scale block letters with white paint rollers. The simplicity of the letters was a departure from standards set in traditional graffiti. This style would become a popular alternative in the graffiti community. This style would later be referred to as roller letters.

In the late 1990s COST became less active. REVS made a large scale come back during this period of time. In addition to traditional graffiti paintings he also devoted a great deal of time to roller letters. Many of his roller letters appeared in unusual locations such as subway tunnels.

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