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Where and what year did you start writing on Trains?
In the summer of 1973 I was in the seven yard with SPADE 198, DELFONICS and LUCKY 2. SPADE was the guy who got me into tagging and piecing. Also if you look at the opening credits to the movie Death Wish they show the pieces SPADE did running on the seven line.

Which writers inspired you to become a writer?
I was of a big family six brothers and one sister and I was the baby and all of my brothers were in a different gang, and graffiti was the art of the street. So I was inspired by the tags and some of the gang stuff; from the Seven Gents to the Savage Skulls to the Tomahawks, but CAINE ONE was the guy who made me want to pieces on the outside and do full cars.

What borough are you from originally from?
IÕm from Manhattan, "Dougal Projects" 100th Street West side, but my cousins are from Brooklyn and my grandmother lived in the Bronx.

How did you get your name?
From '73 to '76 I had different names GREG 104, CHILLY, SLICK, DIAMOND 1. Then in High School my baby at the time Patricia Castrillion. She use to call me "Pussy Cat". I was out bombing with JORGE from Brooklyn. We hit the L then the RR, motion tagging. We got busted. I was writing Greg. Then the next day SKY 2 and BILLY CANE 3 asked me to come out with them. I couldn't write Greg, because I got busted the night before, so I tagged up P.C. as a inside joke to my girl. Bu.

What Lines have you hit?
1, 7, AA, B, CC, D, E, F, G, J, M, RR

What crews have you written for?

Who were your most successful partners?
My last partner CAINE ONE, he did the first full Car and the summer of '76 with ROGER, DONALD, MAD 102, FLAME ONE, TAGE and ALEXA painted a whole train both sides. In '78 we started the whole jacket movement; painting on clothes and airbrushing tee shirts. CAINE brought me in cause of the race thing and he seen that I was good.

When did you quit writing?
I quit many times. I started in the summer '73 then quit, then came back summer'75 then quit, then came back summer '76 (When CAINE was king of the out side '76 me SKY2 CANE 3 Split City kinged the inside) till summer '78 then quit then came back for Ō80 and some of '81 then Quit till '95. ( 95 started my 28th Street Show. Some murals around Queens with Kiwanis Club and The Phun Phactory and being a regular at the Hall of Fame.

Who were the most popular writers of your era?
Take your pick. Each person took it two a different level, STAYHIGH, TAKI, ROGER, CAINE ONE, BILLY 167, CASE 2, LEE, NOC.

Are you currently involved in art in any capacity? BR> I'm a professional artist doing murals for different community development groups. Designing jewelry, customizing vans and motorcycle gas tanks, designing tattoos for people.

Do you have any closing words?
Each borough had its own art movement going on at the same time and a lot of people moved around at the time, so I would say that the movement started in Manhattan; and the best writers come from all over, but it did come from New York and that it's cool that New York's truest art form lives on!

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